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The State Apartments Of Speaker's House Tour Dates and Times

The State Apartments of Speaker's House tour

During this guided tour, you will visit the State Apartments of Speaker's House, the rarely seen part of the Palace of Westminster where the Speaker conducts official business and resides. You will discover the history and traditions of the role of the Speaker and see the magnificent artworks on display, including a unique set of 46 portraits of Speakers through the years, dating back to the 16th century.

The role of the Speaker has existed since at least 1377 and has a long history of evolving responsibilities and traditions. The Speaker's role today is to chair debates in the House of Commons Chamber, but he also represents the House of Commons on a national and international level.

This 75-minute fully accessible tour includes the Grand Staircase, the Crimson Drawing Room, the State Dining Room, and the State Bedroom. There will be no seating in Speaker's House for the duration of the tour. The tour starts and finishes in medieval Westminster Hall which you are welcome to explore afterwards.

All profits from these tours will go to the Speaker's Art Fund, (registered charity number 1105968) which supports arts and educational projects with a focus on increasing understanding of Parliamentary democracy across the UK.

All are welcome on the Speaker's House tours but please note that the tour content has not been designed specifically for younger audiences. We offer family-friendly guided tours and multimedia tours of the Palace of Westminster.

If there are multiple people in your group who will be using hearing loops, or if you have any other specific accessibility requirements, please contact so we can ensure your needs are met.

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